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The brakes of a vehicle

Brakes and Rotors

A sign that it’s time to get a brake inspection is when your car is shaking or pulsating when you brake at any speed...

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A muffler/exhaust

Mufflers and Exhaust

A Thorough Inspection of Your Exhaust System Performed on a Regular Basis Will Help Identify Potential Issues...

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A Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter

The Catalytic Converter is an emissions control device within your vehicle’s exhaust system. It converts unhealthy...

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An alternator


A vehicle's alternator is part of its automotive charging system, along with the battery and the voltage regulator.

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A battery being jump-started


At Beach Auto Repair our technicians look into the issue of faulty battery like a car not starting, battery leaking fluid, battery worn out,...

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A starter


Your vehicle's starter is a vital piece of equipment when it comes to starting your vehicle. We offer starter repair or replacements...

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The suspension system of a vehicle

Suspension, Wheel bearings, and Ball Joints

A vehicle’s suspension system plays a vital role in handling and ride quality. When the suspension isn’t working properly, a vehicle...

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A vehicle being serviced

Tune Up

Tune-ups should be typically done about once a year, a tune-up is regularly scheduled preventive maintenance on a vehicle. The procedures vary..

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The dashboard of a vehicle with the engine light on

Check Engine Lights

Nothing puts a damper on the promise of a favourite destination like an engine light that comes on out of nowhere. If it happens to you, come to Beach Auto Repair...

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An oxygen sensor

O2 Sensor

The oxygen sensor (02 sensor) helps your vehicle run efficiently. When you drive, the engine control unit (ECU) determines the optimal fuel/air ratio for your vehicle...

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The interior of a vehicle with blown up airbags

Airbag System

Automotive safety has come a long way over the years, and modern vehicles are better than ever at protecting their drivers and passengers. The airbag has played...

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Oil being changed

Oil Change

Changing oil in a car is very important. A car's motor oil needs to be changed at regularly scheduled intervals set by the manufacturer. Changing oil regularly...

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An engine being serviced

Engine Repair

The engine is a sensitive piece of machinery, powering your vehicle to get you from point A to point B. Modern engines are also referred to as internal combustion engines...

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A transmission being serviced

Transmission Service

At Beach Auto Repair our technicians can help when your transmission is slipping, needs to be flushed or rebuilt. The automatic transmission contains multiple systems...

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A transmission being repaired

Transmission Repair

For over 10 years, Beach Auto Repair has been a leader in the transmission repair industry. We are known by our quality work backed by our nationwide warranty...

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A Vehicles's AC compressor and Heater

AC and Heating

Most auto air conditioners have five major components: the refrigerant carries the heat; the compressor draws in the refrigerant, compresses it and moves...

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A Vehicle's radiator

Radiator and Cooling System

In order to stabilize the heat an engine produces when it's running, different components work together to make sure that heat...

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