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A vehicle's alternator

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A vehicle's alternator is part of its automotive charging system, along with the battery and the voltage regulator. The alternator and battery work together to generate power for the electrical components of your vehicle, such as your car's air conditioning system and headlights. These components are very important to keep running, so you can have a comfortable drive on the roads of Carbondale. The alternator gets its name from the alternating current (AC) it produces.

Your vehicle’s alternator is vital to a safe and enjoyable drive because it provides the energy needed to power all the vehicle’s electronic accessories. If your vehicle’s electronics have slowed down, your battery light is on, and/or you hear strange noises coming from your vehicle, do not hesitate to bring it into Beach Auto Repair for an inspection. Our technicians have years of experience in auto repair, including Routine Maintenance and Advanced Diagnostics.

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