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Beach Auto Repair

Check Engine Lights

Nothing puts a damper on the promise of a favourite destination like an engine light that comes on out of nowhere. If it happens to you, come to Beach Auto Repair immediately. Our technicians will examine the problem and retrieve the check engine light codes from your car’s computer.
If you’d like to have any detected codes investigated, we’ll inform you of any associated costs before diagnosing issues.

3 Signs an Engine Needs Immediate Service:

Your check engine light in on
Your check engine light is flashing or blinking
Any other dashboard lights start to glow or blink

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(757) 600-2095

Engine being serviced

What's Included with our Check Engine Light Service ?

If your check engine light is on or flashing, it’s important to have it checked immediately, both for your peace of mind, and to help avoid costlier repairs down the road. First, we’ll use advanced car diagnostic tools to retrieve any check engine light codes and other performance data from your vehicle's computer. If additional diagnostics are required, our technicians will let you know of their cost. If you choose to proceed, our next step will be to help:
Properly determine why your vehicle's check engine light is on
Develop a service recommendation
Show you related symptoms and possible causes, and indicate the degree of urgency with which you need to get your vehicle serviced
Make approved repairs