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Mufflers and Exhaust

A Thorough Inspection of Your Exhaust System Performed on a Regular Basis Will Help Identify Potential Issues Before They Become Major Problems. Your exhaust plays a key role in allowing your vehicle's engine to "breathe" by diverting toxic gases and fumes away from your engine through the Catalytic Converter and out the tail pipe. However, these components have a finite lifespan, as these same gases and fumes slowly deteriorate your vehicle's Oxygen (O2) sensors, the precious metals within your Catalytic Converters, and even the metal with which these components are made of. The failure of these components can lead to anything from those strong exhaust odors, to your engine no longer running properly.

Mufflers and Exhaust

During our Mufflers & Exhaust service, Beach Auto Repair technicians will thoroughly inspect each part of your vehicle's exhaust system. We’ll let you know of any missing or broken parts we may find, as well as the time and costs involved with any recommended repairs.
Routine maintenance of your Mufflers & Exhaust system will save you time and money in the long run!

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